Digital Irrigation 4.0


The Marani digital irrigation system analyses and conveys your irrigation scenario to the mobile device of your choice.

Location of the machines, lines to be travelled during the work phases and a volume of processed information that suggests how much water to distribute and where. As the weather and ground moisture conditions change, the software reworks the parameters and provides the new situation. Your intervention is as timely as using your fingers to press a button on the touch display.

Digital Irrigation may seem like an option to traditional irrigation practices but the signals we receive from the ecosystem are unmistakeable.

The use of an advanced irrigation system represents our concrete manifestation of responsibility towards the water resource and the need to dose it by optimizing its use.

How the #TECHNOLOGY to #IRRIGATE works precisely


The system has sensors that detect the status of the terrain and the weather situation. The data is transmitted to a cloud server that processes it, transforming it into precise irrigation recommendations, and sends it to the operator's device (smartphone, tablet or PC workstation).


The machines follow the trajectories drawn up by the operator in advance. As the data flows in, and the irrigation scenario changes, it is possible to intervene on aspects such as water pressure or re-entry speed. The system provides a detailed report that can be consulted in real-time.

Marani DIGITAL IRRIGATION can be financed with the Industry 4.0 plan

The set of elements that make up Digital Irrigation is considered an integrated system.
Therefore, those who employ it have the right to access the resources of the national Industry 4.0 plan

  • Ma-Rain 56, maximum monitoring

    It is the computer with a touch screen interface which can be used to control the irrigators in the field verify their position, status, and irrigation activity in progress in real time. In fact, there are many more functions.

  • Irrigators

    Marani irrigation systems connected to Digital Irrigation become smart and distribute only the amount of water needed based on ground moisture, climate, water pressure and re-entry speed.

  • Pivot, linear and hippodrome systems

    With Digital Irrigation you control and manoeuvre the pivot systems along the irrigation lines that you have set with Ma-Rain 56. More than irrigating we talk about dosing water to the millimetre.

  • Motor pump units

    They are an integral part of the Digital Irrigation system. The data provided by the servers allows more efficient water lifting and less CO2 production.

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