Marani #IRRIGATIONMACHINES, perfect as they are.

But you can always add the #SOFTHOSEDRUM you’re missing.

Our network of distributors is a certainty, just as the speed of our warehouse and logistics department. You can turn to them just in case, you will always find trained staff to solve issues and advise you.

Accessories, strictly #MARANI

An original accessory protects you from bitter surprises.

Partial compatibility with Irrigators, minor discrepancies that give rise to major problems, and dubious durability.

The list is long. Waiting, on the other hand, is not.

Because if the distributor from whom you bought the machine is not stocked, we are ready to fill the gap.

We ship every day, worldwide.



It is true that in cases of extreme necessity, such as a system downtime, the quickest and easiest solution to the problem is to fit the first part that comes along.

However, in the long run, this solution produces far more serious failures than a temporary system downtime.


What you save once can cost you much more the next time. Use original spare parts, your trusted distributor has them. 

And if he doesn't have them, we will send them to him.

Or establish direct contact

Download the Marani general catalogue.

A useful tool for keeping up to date on models, versions and product lines for irrigation.


Our distributors and retailers are entrusted with the task of intervening when you require assistance.
Actually, this part of the work occupies them very little.